Friday, January 30, 2009 «Who are the pupils of school failure?


Friday, January 30, 2009 «Who are the pupils of school failure?

Friday, January 30, 2009 "Who are the pupils of school failure? "This is a fairly complete file proposed by Cross that tries to answer this question. T he first challenge is to count them. The number that comes up most often is that 15% of children at the door in sixth, with reading difficulties. But there are actually many forms of academic failure, of all the "dys" (dyslexia, dysphasia, dysgraphia, ..) to those with psycho-emotional problems, through school phobia. But a key factor in the failure unfortunately remains social origin. "International comparisons show that the influence of the social background of students on their results has increased between 2000 and 2006," says Bruno Suchaut of IREDU. The record reminds aptly that academic failure is particularly treated by RASED. Introduced in 1990, these networks aid to struggling students together multidisciplinary teams working on several schools at the request of teachers. Each antenna is at least composed of a "master E", specializing in pedagogical difficulties, a "Master G", more focused on adaptation to school, and a school psychologist. What to allow a fresh perspective on school failure, which can take many forms: blocking read or calculation, lack of concentration, restlessness, inhibition … When difficulties beyond their competence, Rased direct parents to a speech therapist, a community mental health center or specialized support services. Although the newspaper should what is very difficult to obtain a quantitative assessment of the results of Rased, he emphasizes that this part of a global vision of the difficulties students well undermined today. Although Jean-Louis Nembrini, managing director of school education, said in an interview that it is reorganizing the work of specialized teachers for the benefit of those who are most in need more than removing the Life … medias. Let’s use this weekend to go over some news media devoted to information. We learn in "indiscretion" of magazine Deruy Danielle, wife of Raymond Soubie, the adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy on social affairs, took over as CEO of the AEF, the news agency specialized education, employment, human resources and social protection. AEF is not very known to the public but it is the main source of information for journalists specializing in education. All departmental managers and "decision makers" in the field of education and training have subscribed to this news agency. That passes under the control of Raymond Soubie (who was also owner of Liaisons Sociales) can not be ignored. At a time when it dismisses the prefects and commissioners who displease, should we see a further sign of recovery in hand? It was unfortunately pronounced dead magazine "The World of Education" in December after 34 years of presence in the kiosks. Regular readers of the newspaper (paper) The world could see that, in accordance with what had been announced, it became an additional twelve pages. This book was sold with the issue dated Wednesday, January 28 (published on Tuesday). A record there was devoted to universities and addressed the issue of masters and autonomy. It read as a "For / Against" on the primary programs, a page "innovation" and chronic Nathalie Mons and Claudie Halmos. Unfortunately, the texts are not to my knowledge, even online. The new site promised is not yet realized. Finally, we learn in the editorial that future editions of the World Education released on the first Tuesday (dated Wednesday) of each month. Next issue March 3 … Good Reading … ————————————— 30/01/09 ——- of controversy after the transfer of the prefect of the Channel "Does the prince" for Bayrou, "practice from another time," said a UMP senator … mutation prefect of the Channel, following the stormy Sarkozy’s visit to Saint-Lo, is justified by Alliot-Marie. Read more of the article They were also transferred by Sarkozy … Before the prefect and the police chief of the Channel, there were other victims of the wrath of Sarkozy. Recall. Read more of the article Day "maximum service" in Lyons school Taking down the minimum service imposed strike days to schools, the Gros Caillou, in the fourth arrondissement of Lyon, decided to organize today ‘ hui a "day of maximum service." This is to imagine, after a day of protest, what could be the ideal school. An interesting idea to decline more widely again? "We wanted to stop asking ourselves the question of reform Darcos, to consider what we really expect from school," said Stephane, a dad … Read More Article ——– ————————————- Le Figaro 30/01/09 unions manage their day mobilization Between one and two and a half million people demonstrated Thursday over France without the country is paralyzed. Read more of the article 2009 may be the year of the abolition of the Coming of a UN expert spanking, this wish is still far from a reality. In France, 87% of surveyed parents practice this correction without qualms. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the of 30/01/09 Numerous protests after the administrative changes in the Channel mutations of the prefect and the police chief of the Channel, the government acknowledged Friday 30 January, that of them were related to the visit of Nicolas Sakozy heckled in Saint-Lo, has provoked strong reactions within the political class, left and right. Read more of the article Faculty Members: the decree to the Council of State and strike on Monday e decree reforming the status of faculty needed to be addressed by the government to the State Council, Friday, January 30. This shipment comes as the mobilization of the academic community against it, but also against job cuts and the creation of new teachers masters could go up a notch next week. The National Coordination of Universities launched a slogan of general strike and renewable starting Monday, February 2nd. Read more of the article Academic up pressure against the reform of their status How to calm the discontent of the faculty without seeming too back on essential reforms contained in the law on university autonomy ? Read more of the article Faculty Members "must be negotiated, Ms. Pecresse" In a viewpoint published by Le Monde, Gilles Dorival, a professor of classical languages ??at the University of Aix-Marseille I, a member of the Institut Universitaire de France homework service
, Patrick Fridenson, historian, director of studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en sciences Sociales (EHESS), Jean-Michel Jolion, professor at the University of Lyon, all members of the NMS-CFDT, believe that a swift agreement is possible and desirable on the situation of faculty. Read more of the article In the processions: "And there, Sarko, you see, the strike?" From Paris to Montpellier via Nevers, Bordeaux, Marseille until Cosnes sur Loire (Nievre), the reaction was the same in parades, Thursday, January 29th: call a gauge, a reference that would show the mobilization. Everywhere we turned to memories. The anti-CPE student protests, strikes of 1995 neurship two rounds of the 2002 presidential election? At Caen, with over 30 000 people in the street, the dean of the faculty of history and social movement specialist Jean Quellien evoked a record. In Limoges, Jeannette, activist aged 85 and local memory of the working life the certifiait: "There are so many people in 1968!" Read more of the article of Duty World Editorial listening Admittedly, January 29, was not the "Black Thursday" announced. The consequences of the strike have been mastered in public transport and education, to the point that Sarkozy welcomed to find that "the inconvenience of users and families in was limited." But the head of state would be a mistake rejoicing that any discomfort. The success of the unions shows that the crisis, far from encouraging employees to resignation, did not stop the worries, discontent and anger to be expressed. In the eyes of an opinion which supported the strike, the absence of paralysis has ensured the popularity of mobilization. And after ? Nicolas Sarkozy spoke of "a legitimate concern," "a duty to listen, dialogue" and "a great determination to act." But he just confirmed a date already set with unions in February. No doubt he relies on the union division also quick to unite than to separate them. The head of state should instead comply with what he wrote in Le Monde of 19 April 2008: "Let’s get it once and for all with the idea of ??a state that would be the only way to know what is good for our country. " The wisdom is to practice what "duty to listen" before the social suffering take other routes. Excluding trade union channels. Read more of the article The Elysee wants to "respond to the crisis" after the events Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed Thursday, January 29, willingness to maintain dialogue with the unions but without any concessions to their demands, the evening of a day of strikes and mass demonstrations. If the movement has gathered a 2.5 million people across France, the movement is too disparate to lead to a major crisis, said the head of state, who spent the day at the Palace of Elysium where he chained the meetings. Read more of the article Daniele Sallenave: "Young people do not read The adults either …?" Why did you agree to participate in this operation to send writers in college "ambition success" – politically correct way designate inner city institutions – to raise the reading appetite of students? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 30/01/09 (a day late) Nothing seen … —————————— ———————- Le Parisien (some paid items) of 30/01/09 After the strike, the Elysee on course After the day strike that mobilized hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in France, Nicolas Sarkozy does not show its intention to change course. This was hinted Friday morning on RTL, Raymond Soubie, social advisor. According to him, the French want Nicolas Sarkozy "shows that he knows where he is going" and "it can provide practical solutions" in summary "that there is someone in the boat." Read more from the article "normal" Punishment or not: controversy over the transfer of the Prefect of the Channel Mutation of the prefect and the police chief of the Channel, where Nicolas Sarkozy had suffered whistles of protesters, is criticized on the left but also beyond the government and close to the president Friday seeking to justify the measure. Read more of the article Soubie judge that the mutation of the Manche prefect is "not abnormal" Social adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, Raymond Soubie, said Friday that the mutation of the Prefect of the Channel Jean Charbonniaud seemed to him "not abnormal" after the events that occurred during the visit of the head of state in Saint-Lo on 12 January. Read more of the article Lefebvre believes that the Prefect of the Channel has "almost certainly" Frederic Lefebvre, spokesman for the UMP, said Friday that if the prefect of the Channel was moved is that " probably he failed on a number of things, "stressing that" senior officials accountable when there are faults, errors "Read more of the article Visit surging of Sarkozy in Saint-Lo: both changes criticized as its prefect, the police chief of the department of Manche was transferred after a hostile protest to French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Saint-Lo on January 12, a qualified decision "makes the prince" into his camp. Read more of the article Sabeg "I am Minesweeper plan Suburbs" Named there is a high commissioner month to Diversity and Equal Opportunities, Sabeg has set a priority job in the suburbs. These already vulnerable populations are in fact, according to him, the first affected by the current crisis. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of 30/01/09 the many faces of school failure is hard to draw a child’s sketch in school failure. Several factors often combine to result in a "stall" Read more of the article one school to another, Rased help children become student networks help composed of psychologists and specialist teachers trying to sort out the problems of pupils in primary school Read more of the article Measuring dropout Approximately 150,000 students each year out of school without qualifications or diplomas, according to the Ministry of education. Studies show that dropping out occurs early in schooling. A student who has stepped in early primary is almost a risk two to finish without a diploma. Read more of the article Jean-Louis Nembrini: "Out of control fundamentals, no salvation" Jean-Louis Nembrini, managing director of school education must be reorganized for the specialist teachers for the benefit of those who need it most Read more Article ———————————— ———— the echoes of 30/01/09 Trade unions demand from the concrete after their show of force protests met yesterday, more than a million people according to police. The record reached during the crisis of the CPE fought. Private employees were mobilized. The government still excludes a demand stimulus. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— 20 minutes from 30/01/09 education particularly ascent Thursday at least half of the teachers were on strike in the primary … Read More Article kleenex Prefect Sarko snuffed the mutational sanction of the prefect of the Channel, Jean Charbonniaud, guilty of failing to better control a demonstration on 12 January in Saint-Lo against the visit of Nicolas Sarkozy, raising protests even in the majority. President … Read more of the article "is not swept a backhand a day like yesterday," the editorialists point out that Friday the success of the events to the call of the unions … Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Rue89 of 30/01/09 Transferred by Sarkozy, the Commissioner is "very hurt" Unionists and policies are offended twice forced departure of officials ‘exemplary’ in the Channel. Read more of the article General strike: this time, Sarkozy has noticed Rue89 and Eco89 followed with residents a day marked by demonstrations across France monster. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France 30/01/09 free English courses during the holidays to volunteer students the students who wish may attend free English courses during the February vacation, but also that of Easter summer vacation. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 30/01/09 Saint-Lo: Mutations and controversy the fallout from the eventful visit of the head of state in the department of Manche, January 12 never end . After the transfer of the prefect Charbonniaud it a few days ago, it was the turn of the departmental director of public safety bid farewell to his assignment. Deemed arbitrary decisions by many observers, including UMP. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 30/01/09 Four researchers, including Nobel denounce the reform of research Four researchers within different disciplines, including Nobel Albert Fert, gave us a text that criticism several lines of Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech on 22 last January, the "national research and innovation Strategy". Read more of the article —————————————- Express MAM 30/01/09 .fr justifies the transfer of the Manche prefect "We need people who are able to make a fair assessment" of the situation, said Michele Alliot-Marie to justify changing the prefect and the Director of the police Channel. The interior minister is responding to criticism of UMP and PS, who feel that the two officials were unfairly punished after the protests of St. Lo. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the Pedagogical Cafe 30/01/09 national education leading processions "Massive", "powerful", the mobilization has been very strong since January 29 counts from 1 to 2.5 million demonstrators . Paris would have seen 60 to 300 thousand demonstrators Marseille from 20 to 300,000, Toulouse, Bordeaux from 30 to 90 000. The importance of processions impressed the teachers: "At Clermont, a real river ever seen!" "40000 Caen !!!" Teachers were a lot of these processions, which also noted for private sector employees. Read more of the article mayors and school What place does the school and its objectives in the concerns of mayors? The Andev, which brings together the directors of education of cities, provides, through a survey, interesting insights to try to predict the school’s guidance. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 30/01/09 "No zero risk" during a presidential trip, the boss said commissioners "Commissioner Philippe Bourgade is a great professional policing," notes Sylvie FEUCHER to sum up the prevailing opinion of the police corporation of one of his own. The tribute comes after the ouster of the Director of Public Safety in the Channel, two weeks after the movement of President Sarkozy in Saint. "Our colleague was fifty-nine years and he of Public Order from the beginning of his career. He knows his job, "said the general secretary of the union (majority) of Commissioners, the tone of criticism is usually hushed More Article Strikes and demonstrations: the right preaching the good word Elysian" I listen but I not taking into account "had dropped Nicolas Sarkozy, visiting Provins (Seine-et-Marne) on 20 January. This is essentially the message that the head of state addressed, Thursday, January 29, protesters who marched en masse across the country – between one and 2.5 million Read more of the article — ————————————————– —— A selection in dispatches from 30/01/09 Faculty Members: the Snesup-FSU not convinced by the details of the Pecresse Snesup-FSU, first union of higher education, said he was not convinced by the details provided Friday by Valerie Pecresse on the status of teachers and researchers and called for "intensifying the strike from Monday." Read more of the article Youth Martin Hirsch will coordinate the work of other departments High Commissioner for Youth, Martin Hirsch, was confirmed Friday in his role as "coordinator" of the future government policy "cross" in for young people, said Matignon after a meeting of a dozen ministers. Read more of the article From primary to higher education, teachers, numerous strike Thursday, not The mobilization took off Thursday was particularly well attended in education, including half of all primary school teachers on strike and more academics in the street than usual. Read more of the article Pecresse clarifies the status of faculty Valerie Pecresse has made two clarifications on the reform of the status of faculty, for it according to the "reassuring" in a letter sent Friday to the chairmen university, announced the Ministry of higher Education. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Friday, January 30, 2009

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